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Astrostatistics for business: harnessing the power of astrophysical data analysis to solve the data-intensive business problems of tomorrow.


Imperial Reporter features DFC Director Roberto Trotta’s work in applying innovative statistical methods from astrophysical research to banking fraud.



DFC Director Dr Roberto Trotta (left) named by Foreign Policy one of the 100 Global Thinkers 2014. Credit: Dakota Fine/Foreign Policy Magazine.

Dr Trotta, director of Data Fusion Consultants, is one of 100 Leading Global thinkers selected by Foreign Policy for 2014 for their ability to translate important ideas into action that changes the world. His unique skill was described by the magazine as the ability to ‘junk astronomer’s jargon’.

Dr Trotta said about his selection: “I was hugely surprised by this utterly unexpected honour. Astrophysics is not something that you’d usually associate with foreign affairs! In their mention, Foreign Policy described my radical approach to communicating my science to the public as ‘junking astronomy jargon’ – an equally radical summary, and a good one! I was delighted they thought that my little book had a place among the great and important work of the other Global Thinkers – among them politicians, activists, technologists and artists. This award highlights the wider cultural importance of fundamental science, and the central role of an engaged dialogue with the public at large.”

His fellow Global Thinkers in other categories include Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, Harvard engineer Jennifer Lewis, Joshua Wong – the student leader of the Hong Kong protests – and Drs Kevin Whaley and Larry Zeitlin who created the Ebola drug Zmapp.

Read more about Dr Trotta’s work here.


DFC Director Dr Roberto Trotta commenting in The Guardian on the potential for big data analysis of the new MET Office supercomputer.


DFC Director Dr Roberto Trotta discusses with Steve Scher how the latest advancement in astrophysical data analysis can benefit business: In Residence Podcast, Town Hall Seattle, OR. 


DFC Director Dr Roberto Trotta delivers an invited talk on “Computational Challenges in Dark Matter Research” at the Imperial-Huawei workshop, Imperial College London, UK. This workshop forms part of the partnership between Imperial and Huawei to collaborate on Big Data challenges of the future, in the framework of Imperial Data Science Institute.


Supernova SN2011fe exploding in the Pinwheel galaxy. Image credit: B. J. Fulton, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network.


DFC Director Dr Roberto Trotta awarded an STFC Impact Acceleration award. This grant will support the translation of highly successful astrostatistical methods developed for the cosmological analysis of Supernova Type Ia data to the problem of road security.


DFC Director Dr Roberto Trotta elected to Imperial College London SpaceLab‘s Steering Board.

What customers say:

“We asked Data Fusion Consultants to carry out a detailed technical assessment to analyse aspects of the environmental impact of our proposed residential estate. The report was compiled within tight timescales due to the strict deadlines we had to adhere too. I was struck by how Data Fusion Consultants quickly understood the brief and the problems that we faced. They handled the whole project with great efficiency and professionalism. I would certainly endorse Data Fusion Consultants to any potential clients.”
Andrew Garnett – Director M.C.I. Developments Limited